The Union of Municipalities Pian del Bruscolo is a public body of the Marche region of about 130,000 inhabitants, an operating basin of 16,700 businesses and includes the Municipalities of Gabicce Mare, Gradara, Mombaroccio, Pesaro, Tavullia and Vallefoglia. Given its territorial and geographical characteristics, it represents one of the largest Unions of Municipalities in Italy. For some time, the Union of Municipalities has been the bearer of the requests of the 6 Municipalities that make it up with respect to the need to provide quality services to support disadvantaged categories, especially families, including migrants who live and work on the territory of the Union.

The Pian del Bruscolo Union, officially established in 2003, currently manages in an associated form:
– educational services dedicated to early childhood (nursery schools; school canteens; design, construction of school systems and equipment)
– Youth information (job search; choice of school and university; choice of a training course; activities of active participation, associations and volunteering; allowing the realization of study and / or work experiences abroad, such as the Service European Volunteer)
– the Local and Administrative Police
– Economic Activities
– the SUAP – Single Desk for Productive Activities – (procedures relating to urban building transformations and the exercise of production activities)
– the library system (Colbordolo Library; “Ferruccio Parri” Library in Montecchio; Tavullia Library)
– sports facilities (Pian del Bruscolo intercommunal swimming pool; Pian del Bruscolo, Montelabbate and Monteciccardo gyms)
– the IT and Statistics service (digital development of the Administrations that adhere to the Union, collection and processing of statistical data)
– the Coordination of the Civil Protection
– the Center for families (service aimed at families with children 0-6 years old)

Labirinto social cooperative has been operating in the province of Pesaro and Urbino and neighboring provinces since 1979, articulating its intervention in the area of ​​personal services.
Labirinto designs and manages services in specific areas: socio-educational, socio-health, training and research. Its mission can be condensed in the definition of a Social Cooperative Company on the Net. The business project is realized through the active involvement of the members, orienting the structure towards participation, sharing and transparency. The Cooperative favors the development of the employment base by directing our action to improve working conditions by strengthening the communication, protection and training tools. On a social level, it actively operates in welfare policies through active participation in the life of local communities, constant reading of the needs of individuals and communities, the planning and management of social solidarity services.
For the Network, Labirinto spreads the culture of social solidarity including the participation of the recipients (users and family members), associations and communities, in the planning and management of services, making the working members responsible for associative life, care of services and networks social and rooting the action in the territories by sharing the responsibilities of the services managed with the local actors.

Labirinto social cooperative has been operating in the province of Pesaro and Urbino and neighboring provinces since 1979, articulating its intervention in the area of ​​personal services.
The University of Urbino Carlo Bo is an Italian academic institution, with over 500 years of history, which presents a wide range of degree courses, higher education courses, postgraduate and doctoral programs, as well as a ” articulated research activity, in multiple disciplinary fields. Specifically, the DISCUI Department proposes itself as a concrete place for research, teaching and discussion on the complexity of humanistic knowledge from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective, oriented both to theoretical reflection and to professionalization, with particular attention to the international and global dimension.